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» The Plot
 Posted: Oct 19 2011, 08:37 PM

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The matriarchy of Kalim regained its independence from the Darshani Empire some 274 years ago, re-establishing its tradition of sovereign queens under the Richilde line. Over the years it has rebuilt itself in the shadow of the Empire. Strong queens, strong mages, and smart politics have kept it afloat while the Empire continued to grow at its borders. But seven years ago, the Empire claimed its nearest neighbor, Khiros, putting Kalim back into the line of fire again. Queen Meisant took decisive action, extending an invitation to the countries across the Emerald Ocean to participate in one of Kalim's most notorious tradition: the Queen's Games - a tournament by which the crown princess's betrothal would be decided. Countries from across the world sent an unprecedented number of contestants for the princess's hand. In the end, the prince of the warlord state Sarain stood triumphant, a winner who may yet be as much a threat as the Darshani Empire itself, especially with a crown princess who has always been timid.

In the domestic sphere, things are no less unsettled. A community of criminals known as the Rooks rule Kalim's underworld, serving to grant a form of order and honor to the illegal goings-on of the country. A series of upheavals have shaken the underworld of late, erupting into a bloodbath in late 603. The Crown was forced to recall troops from the borders to put down the violence in Kalim's major cities. Nearly a year later, with the number of outright battles on the decline, many citizens are beginning to feel the soldiers have worn out their welcome. A new Rook Council is on the rise in the slums outside Richilde, though whether this council is better or worse than the last remains unclear.

Queen Meisant has no intention of losing her country to uncertainty beyond or within her borders. Negotiations between Kalim and its potential allies create a faint but constant tension at court. Powerful mages from across the world have begun to gather at the Academy by royal invitation, their purpose known only to a few. After nearly three centuries, a free and unified Kalim finds itself at a perilous tipping point where the smallest of actions could have dire consequences.


For more in-depth information, see our CURRENT EVENTS page.
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