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 Posted: Nov 20 2011, 02:44 PM

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Welcome to QG! Whether you are a first-time rper or a seasoned veteran, we are happy to have you.

This guide is designed as a starting point to help you navigate the site, but not one size fits all! Some of the information may not be relevant to the character you want, or your questions may not be covered here. In that case, please feel free to consult our FAQ or CONTACT A MEMBER OF THE STAFF. These threads, as well as the cbox, are guest friendly; there is no need to register to contact us. We would be glad to help you in any way we can.

If you are new to rp, forum rp, or if you're just feeling a little rusty, don't hesitate to let the staff know! We are willing to provide whatever extent of help you feel you need, be it RP 101 classes, assistance with your application, a few "practice" threads, or even being set up with a mentor, but we can't help if we don't know.


Check out the RULES and the PLOT to get an idea of how the board runs.

The Queen's Games is based on Tamora Pierce's Tortallan universe, but because we are set in a separate country and removed from the timeline of the books, knowledge of the books is not required.
  • The INFORMATION FORUM contains the basic information about the IC and OOC workings of the site. For things like rules, canon lists, and plot information that you as a member would have, check out the Site Information subforum. The Universe Information subforum has everything you might need to understand how such things as magic and religion work in this world.
  • There is also the TAMORA PIERCE WIKI for more information generated by fans of the series.
  • We have our own completely optional RESOURCES thread with more in-depth versions of the Information pages, such as specializations of magic or more detailed country explanations. These aren't required, but may help if you're wanting to really dig in.

QG has a number of options for character creation. Central to the plot or just for funsies, canon or OC, for richer or poorer, in all shapes and sizes, we welcome all varieties of characters and strive to make QG and inclusive and diverse environment.
  • The AVAILABLE CANON LIST has a selection of characters immediately relevant to one or more of the current plots on the site.
  • There are also WANTED ADS for characters connected to those of other members. These assure you a plotting buddy right out of the gate without the potential stress of a canon.
  • We have a BREAKDOWN OF MEMBER GROUPS available as well for your convenience.
Don't feel pressured to take a canon or wanted ad! We are just as excited to get OCs as any of these. Making an OC does not in any way prevent you from having a significant impact on the plot! OCs are the lifeblood of our site and help to shape our canon.

Once you know if you're taking a canon, wanted ad, or carving your own path with an OC, it's time to register and apply!


We are an account-per-character site, meaning that you should register with your character's name. For many ranks this is first name and last name (e.g. Atlas Rindelle), but for nobles it may vary: first name and noble house or fief (e.g. Meisant of Richilde) or first, middle, last for nobles from Darshan, Carthak, and some other countries (e.g. Kasiya Paki Asarualim). If you accidentally registered an account with the wrong name, don't worry. Just request a name change or PM a staff member about it, and we will be able to change your username to whatever you choose.

To apply, copy and paste the APPLICATION TEMPLATE into a new topic in the APPLICATION CENTER with your character's name as the title. If the application is incomplete, please tag the title or discription with "[wip]" so we know you are not ready for a review.

Unfortunately, we get a lot of accounts registered that never post, so every three days or so we do a sweep for dead accounts. This means you have three days to post at least a partial application, and seven days after posting the partial to complete it.

Once the application is finished, the staff will review it and send you a PM with any questions or requests for expansion and editing we might have. If you have not heard from us within 24 hours, you are welcome to PM a member of staff. We may not have realized you are done, especially if the app was a wip before. We ask that you make your edits within another seven days. Once that is done, we will pass the character, get you on the proper lists, activate your account fully, and you are free to play!

If you require any additional time for any of these steps, please PM the staff to let them know. We may not be able to keep canons or PBs on reserve for this extended time, but we will refrain from archiving the app.


None of the following is required; they are simply helpful tips.
  • PLOT PAGES. We cannot stress enough how helpful these are. You can make one per character, one for all your characters, however you want to do it. It is basically a page with a short summary of your character and suggestions for the kind of plots you might want. Plot pages are a fast way for other members to get an idea of your character and voice their interest and suggestions for threads. A bit of back-and-forth chat over a plot thread can lead to great things. Make your own or browse through and post in others in the PLOT DEVELOPMENT forum. If you are not getting replies on yours, don't be afraid to go track down the people you want to rp with.
  • OOC INTERACTION. You can post in the GENERAL OOC forum to tell us a little about yourself, or just say hi. Posting in the cbox is another fantastic option.Getting to know your fellow members out-of-character will smooth the way for in-character relations.
  • THREAD TRACKERS. While they are a bit of work to set up, a thread tracker can be a godsend as you become more active on the site. If you need to check details from a past thread, or a sequence of events, or just see if you have any replies, this is one of the best ways to go. And it lets other members see what you're up to and ask to become involved.
Thanks for taking the time to read the guide! We are excited to have you with us. If you have any further questions or suggestions on how the guide might be improved, let us know. Welcome to the Queen's Games!

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