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Welcome to The Queen's Games, a future/AU Tortallan based forum headed by a Matriarchal Monarchy in the Queendom of Kalim. Gaining independence little more than a century ago, the Queen has been pushing for contact with Tortall and other lands to the east in the past decade. With the victor of the Games to win the Crown Princess's hand decided, the Darshani Empire has set its eyes on conquering Kalim and regaining power through force.

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Coming down from its January cold spike, the weather creeps up unusually warm for February, turning what would normally be frozen ground and light snows into a slushy wet mix throughout the country. This creates poor travel conditions throughout the country: avalanches in the north and roads so muddy they threaten single mounts and caravans alike.


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 Posted: Apr 24 2011, 02:24 PM

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In a matriarchy set over a hundred years after the Song of the Lioness, Kalim is the last free country on a continent that has been absorbed by the ravenous Darshani Empire. A tournament to win the hand of the crown princess has just ended, with its first ever foreign victor, but the country is beginning to feel the aftermath. Factions from every walk of life imaginable--underworld criminals, dissatisfied nobles, even Darshani royalty--had entered, trying to push their causes to the forefront of the royal agenda, and many are now looking to achieve their goals through force, manipulation, or other means. No one ever said the Games would stay in the arena.

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